TFI and the Biostimulant Coalition  reached a formal agreement in December of 2020, to form a “Biostimulant Council” and work together in advancing policy and regulatory frameworks that increase biostimulant market access and encourage research and innovation. Biostimulants are biological or naturally-derived additives, including but not limited to bacterial or microbial inoculants, biochemical materials, amino acids, humic acids, fulvic acid, seaweed extract and other similar materials.  

TFI welcomes the U.S. Biostimulant Coalition members and advocacy efforts on behalf of the BIostimulant Industry.  Combining forces of the 20 USBC members with the existing TFI biostimulant members, will allow us to more efficiently accomplish the goals of the sector.  TFI's new  Biostimulant Council will provide strategic direction and the necessary leadership to help TFI advocate for innovative products while removing the barriers to efficiently gain market access.  Providing innovative products to the farming community has the potential to increase yield while improving environmental outcomes.  While much legislative, regulatory, and guidance activity has been underway, TFI embraces the industries below priorities as we continue our advocacy work on behalf of the sector.

Our activities will center on the following:

  1. Influencing the creation of a clear, consistent, predictable and efficient path for biostimulants, including:
    • Achieving a consistent global definition for the term “biostimulant," with the ability to use the term in commercial activities;
    • Clarifying acceptable product claims;
    • Influencing the definition of appropriate global standards and practices for the regulation of biostimulants;
    • Establishing regulatory standards and requirements in the United States (at both state and federal levels), consistent with global standards; and,
    • Influencing the clarification of regulatory authorities (and limits of authority) in both the United States and globally.
  2. Building awareness, understanding, recognition, acceptance and adoption of the use of biostimulants among end-users, regulators and other influential stakeholders;
  3. Research, education and outreach activities to further commercial and technical understanding of Biostimulants as a critical requirement for building industry credibility; and
  4. Collaborating with trade and professional associations, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and other groups, developing mutually beneficial alliances to further these objectives.  





United States Biostimulant Industry Recommended Guidelines to Support Efficacy, Composition, and Safety of Plant Biostimulant Products (pdf)


Upcoming Events

Biostimulant World Congress
November 29 - December 2, 2021
Hollywood, Florida

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TFI Welcomes The Following USBC Companies to Our Family of Members

Acadian Plant Health Division

Actagro, LLC

Advanced Nutrients


BioLiNE Corporation



CH Biotech


Indigo Agriculture

JRF International Ltd.

Lebanon Seaboard Corporation

NewLeaf Symbiotics

Ocean Organics Inc. 

Plant Response Inc.

Rosen's Inc.

SBM Life Science Corp.