TFI Welcomes STB’s Proposed Rule on Reciprocal Switching


September 7, 2023

Arlington, VA – The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) President and CEO Corey Rosenbusch today praised the unanimous decision by the Surface Transportation Board (STB) to issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on providing rail customers access to reciprocal switching as a remedy for poor rail service.

“TFI has long advocated for reforms such as reciprocal switching to promote competition and enhance rail service. Market-based incentives will encourage rail carriers to be more customer-oriented,” Rosenbusch said. “The unanimous, bipartisan vote is a clear acknowledgement by the STB that these challenges must be addressed.”  

The proposal from the STB would provide a streamlined path for rail customers to obtain a reciprocal switching order by including specific, objective, and measurable criteria for determining if they are eligible. That criterion includes measures of service reliability, service consistency, and adequacy of local service. The proposal would also standardize these three service metrics across all Class 1 carriers for the first time.

“Over 60% of fertilizer moves by rail and is therefore critical to the on-time delivery of fertilizer to farmers exactly where and when they need it,” concluded Rosenbusch. “We thank Chairman Oberman and all of the Board Members for their efforts to improve rail service. TFI looks forward to participating in the comment process and enactment of this important reform.”





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