Tune in to the Fertilizer 101 Podcast for Episode 1: Fertilizer & Railway Safety


September 19, 2023

Ever wonder how the fruits, veggies, and grains that feed our nation get the nutrients they need? The answer lies in fertilizers. But have you thought about how these crucial substances get to where they're needed safely and efficiently? This week on the Fertilizer 101 Podcast, we're shifting tracks to focus on an issue that impacts us all: Railway Safety.

Episode 1: Fertilizer & Railway Safety


Why Should You Care?

Railways are the veins that connect the heart of our agricultural centers to the rest of the country. Safe transport of fertilizer isn't just a farmer's concern—it affects us all!


What’s on the Agenda?


  • The importance of regulations for transporting potentially hazardous materials
  • The safety measures taken to ensure railway safety
  • Regulations and innovations we can expect for the future


Don't let this train of knowledge pass you by! Listen to Fertilizer 101, and get on board with railway safety today!