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Fertilizer Reporting Solutions is a resource created to help streamline fertilizer tonnage reporting by organizing all the necessary information to comply with reporting requirements in one single place. Fertilizer reporting is not federally regulated and therefore each state has slightly different requirements of what and how companies must report. Providing the information in an accessible and consistent format improves the efficiency and accuracy of reporting for the industry. 

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If you looking to understand how you need to report sales of fertilizer, lime or soil amendments in a state that you do business, we have all that information in one place!

The Benefits of Fertilizer Reporting Solutions

Solutions provides value for anyone who must report tonnage.

Rather than searching through multiple pages on each state’s website, all relevant information is in one place to improve reporting efficiency.

All information related to reporting guidelines, licensed companies, registered products and state product categories can be downloaded for ease of use.

Reporting requirements and data is updated around key reporting periods to ensure you have the most up-to-date information while you complete required reporting. 

How to Access Fertilizer Reporting Solutions

Fertilizer Reporting Solutions is designed with your reporting needs in mind. Getting access is simple with tiered pricing at $500, $1,500 and $5,000 annually.


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Founding Partners

BHP understands the importance of this information to the industry and has elected to become a founding partner to ensure the availability of this crucial information.

Interested in supporting Fertilizer Reporting Solutions as a partner? Email Veronica Nigh at [email protected].

What’s Included?

Subscribing to Fertilizer Reporting solutions will give you access to:

Detailed reporting guidelines

Overview of state specific reporting requirements including reported materials, rates, schedule, and key contacts.

Licensed companies & Registered Products

A list of companies licensed to sell or distribute fertilizer and a list of registered products in a state (if the state maintains a list) to help determine fee exemptions and product registration status.

Product Categories

A table displaying how each state asks products to be categorized and the respective fees or rates for each category.

Quick Reference Guide

A combination of key information from the Reporting Guidelines and Product Categories to give a detailed overview of each states requirements in a table format. See sample.

Fertilizer Reporting Solutions FAQs

Answers to some of the most-asked questions