Fertilizer 101

If you have questions about the different kinds of fertilizers, the fertilizer industry’s role in the global economy or would like to better understand fertilizer’s impact on the environment, start by taking a look at Fertilizer 101, a book and accompanying website where you will find all the above and a host of additional key information on fertilizers including:


  • Key fertilizers and how they are made
  • The economics of fertilizer use
  • The safety of fertilizers
  • Fertilizers and precision agriculture
  • Fertilizer best management practices at home
  • Statistical information on global fertilizer production and consumption
  • Glossary of key fertilizer terms.

The www.fertilizer101.org website is available, free of charge, to the public. Copies of the Fertilizer 101 book, a 132 page spiral bound color book can be purchased here for $39.95 for non-members, or $14.95 for members of The Fertilizer Institute. 

Download the order form to purchase your copy of Fertilizer 101.

For additional information on the Fertilizer 101 resources, contact TFI at information@fertilizer101.org.