Allied Organizations:

Canadian Fertilizer Institute (
International Fertilizer Industry Association (
International Fertilizer Development Center (
Fertilizer Industry Round Table(
Fertilizers Europe (
Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (
International Plant Nutrition Institute (
Foundation for Agronomic Research (
Certified Crop Advisers (
Fluid Fertilizer Foundation (
The Sulfur Institute (
Agriculture Energy Alliance (

State Associations:

Agribusiness Association of Iowa (
Agribusiness Association of Kentucky (
Agribusiness Association of New Jersey
Alabama Agribusiness Council (
Alabama Crop Management Association (
Arkansas Plant Food Educational Society
Crop Protection Association of North Carolina (
Far West Agribusiness Association (
Florida Fertilizer and Agrichemical Association (
Georgia Agribusiness Council, Inc. (
Georgia Plant Food Education Society (
Idaho Crop Production Association
Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association (
Indiana Plant Food and Agricultural Chemical Association (
Kansas Agribusiness Retailers Association (
Kansas Grain and Feed Association (
Louisiana Ag Industries
Michigan Agri-Business Association (
MidAmerica CropLife Association (
Minnesota Crop Production Retailers Association
Mo-Ag Industries Council, Inc. (
Montana Agricultural Business Association (
Nebraska Agribusiness Association
New York Agri-business Association (
North Dakota Agricultural Association (
Ohio Agribusiness Association (
Oklahoma Agribusiness Retailers Association (
Oregonians for Food and Shelter (
PennAg Industries Association (
Plant Food Association of North Carolina
Rocky Mountain Agribusiness Association (
South Carolina Fertilizer and Agrichemicals (
South Dakota Agri-Business Association
Southern Crop Production Association (
Tennessee Agricultural Production Association
Texas Ag Industries Association (
Virginia Agribusiness Council (
Western Plant Health Association (
Wisconsin Agri-Business Association (
Wyoming Agribusiness Association (