Looking back at 5,000 years of recorded world history reveals two important facts about human nature. First, human beings possess limitless potential for compassion, innovation and achievement. Secondly, these qualities are brought to full bloom where and when people have access to healthy food.

Experts estimate that there will be more than nine billion people on our planet by 2050. That’s nearly three billion more people than are alive today. People from all walks of life with all kinds of ideas, but who share one common challenge: each will experience hunger, requiring food to survive.  Fertilizer has played—and will continue to play—a key role in meeting this eternal challenge.

“Fertilizer” and “plant food” are terms used to describe additives that increase soil’s fertility—its capability of producing abundant crops. Nutrients are substances providing nourishment essential for growth and the maintenance of life. Nutrients are what’s provided, through the application of fertilizer, to enhance the fertility of the soil.