2015 D

Grower: Matthew Clements
Retailer: Terry Tindall (Simplot Grower Solutions)

What Matthew Says About the 4Rs:

“Our business is so competitive now that saving pennies, even on a microscopic scale, adds up to big savings. We’re seeing benefits in fuel savings, reduced wear and fewer hours on equipment. Advocating for the 4Rs and understanding the balance that it provides makes us better farmers and better members of our community.”

What Terry Says About the 4Rs:

“Thousands of acres of corn and other crops have been moved into systems with minimum tillage. We’ve taken advantage of starter fertilizers, a direct value of the 4Rs. With this and other incorporations, we’ve created a 9 to 1 cost benefit ratio on 1,200 to 1,500 acres of triticale planted after a corn harvest that includes 4R practices.”