TFI's President Chris Jahn Encouraged by U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement Signing and Recent Trade Talks with China


December 6, 2018

“On behalf of the fertilizer industry, I extend thanks to President Trump and his team of negotiators for supporting the fertilizer industry and its farmer customers by pursuing a level playing field in North American markets,” said Jahn. “The USMCA is positive for our members because it keeps fertilizer tariff duties at zero and harmonizes customs procedures.  We do believe, however, that as Congress considers the new agreement, the existing North American Free Trade Agreement should remain in force.

“Canada and Mexico combined are a $39 billion market for U.S. agricultural products and this agreement sets the stage for further growing this important trading relationship.  We urge Congress to move expeditiously to review the USMCA."

Regarding the trade negotiations with China, “we are pleased that President Trump and Chinese President Xi had a productive discussion at the recent G-20 Summit.  TFI continues to stand with our farmer customers in urging the administration to withhold the imposition of any additional tariffs and instead engage in negotiations over national trade imbalances and other enforcement issues.  We believe that diplomatic solutions are possible and should be fully explored.”