The Fertilizer Institute Lauds House Introduction Of Critical Rail Transportation Bill

10/1/2015 Contact: Kathy Mathers

Without Extension of the PTC Deadline, Agriculture will be Gridlocked

Washington, D.C. – The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) today lauded House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee leadership including Reps. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.), Peter DeFazio (R-Ore.), Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) and Michael Capuano (D-Mass.), for introducing legislation to extend the deadline for implementation of Positive Train Control on our nation’s rail system.  The bill, H.R. 3651, the Positive Train Control Enforcement and Implementation Act, is a 3-year extension with potential for another 1-2 years if certain requirements are met.

Chris Jahn

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Christopher L. Jahn is president of The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), the fertilizer industry’s national trade association.  As TFI president, Jahn works to represent, promote and protect a sound fertilizer industry through legislative and regulatory activities and to promote a favorable public image of the fertilizer industry and agriculture.  Jahn also serves as president of the Nutrients for Life Foundation (NFL).

States and Fertilizer Industry Collaborate to More Efficiently Report Tonnage Data

7/30/2013 Contact: Kathy Mathers

WASHINGTON – Michigan, South Carolina and Georgia are ready to go paperless.

Positive Train Control


The Railroad Safety Improvement Act of 2008 mandated that the Federal Railroad Administration initiate rulemaking to require railroads to install Positive Train Control (PTC) systems for certain lines carrying passengers or freight by Dec. 31, 2015. While significant progress has been made, the Association of American Railroads, the Government Accountability Office, and the Federal Railroad Administration have made it clear that the vast majority of rail carriers will not meet this deadline.

    TFI Response: article on the U.S. Fertilizer Industry

    4/15/2016 Contact: Kathy Mathers

    TFI Response: article on the U.S. Fertilizer Industry

    An April 14, 2016 article published on is based largely on premises that have no basis in fact.

    U.S. Fertilizer Jobs

    The U.S. fertilizer industry contributes $139 billion to the U.S. economy.

    Fertilizer Jobs


    Tier 3
    Coordinates the collection and analysis of fertilizer manufacturing and consumption data, conducts fertilizer industry trend analyses; hosts annual Outlook conference.
    Ken Kunz, Honeywell
    Vice Chair: 
    Wayne Welter, J.R. Simplot Company
    TFI Contact: 
    Harry Vroomen

    Coordinates the collection and analysis of fertilizer manufacturing and consumption data, conducts fertilizer industry trend analyses; hosts annual Fertilizer Outlook session of the Fertilizer Outlook and Technology Conference.

    Current Members:

    Irving Adler, Fertilizer Week
    Lori Apodaca, U.S. Geological Survey
    David Asbridge, NPKFAS
    Pavel Basharimov, UKT Chicago, Inc.
    Harry Baumes, U.S. Department of Agriculture
    David Bilby, CF Industries, Inc.
    Thomas Blue, Blue, Johnson & Associates, Inc.
    Robert Boyd, ICIS
    Glen Buckley, NPKFAS
    Raymond Cantrell, U.S. International Trade Commission
    Lucas Carlson, Koch Fertilizer LLC
    David Centko, Blue, Johnson & Associates, Inc.
    Chris Day, ArrMaz
    Joe Dillier, GROWMARK, Inc.
    Daniel Engel, GROWMARK, Inc.
    Joseph Fung, BHP Billiton Marketing Asia Pte Ltd
    David Furbeck, Compass Minerals
    Olivia Gist, IFDC
    Clyde Graham, Canadian Fertilizer Institute
    Vicki Grimshaw, The Andersons, Inc.
    Daniel Halonen, The Mosaic Company
    Patrick Heffer, International Fertilizer Industry Association
    Peter Heffernan, CRU Consulting
    Aaron Hoerst, Koch Fertilizer LLC
    Jeff Holzman, PotashCorp
    Stephen Jasinski, USGS-Minerals Information Team
    Andy Jung, The Mosaic Company
    Lee (Kel) Kelly III, GROWMARK, Inc.
    Gavin Koester, Koch Fertilizer LLC
    Kristen Kozic, Yara North America, Inc.
    Kenneth Kunz, Honeywell Resins and Chemicals LLC
    Dirk Lohry, Nutra-Flo Company
    Hugh Loomans, Sylvite Sales Inc.
    Timothy Mahoney, International Raw Materials LTD
    Mark McDonald, Intrepid Potash, Inc.
    William Merschman, Merschman Fertilizer LLC
    Donald Messick, The Sulphur Institute
    Tim Mizuno, PotashCorp
    Joseph Needham, The Andersons, Inc.
    Jason Newton, Agrium Inc.
    Joyce Ober, USGS-Minerals Information Team
    Matt Philippi, The Mosaic Company
    Marie Pierson, CF Industries, Inc.
    Arvin Pirness, PotashCorp
    Richard Pottorff, Doane Advisory Services
    Matt Preston, Intrepid Potash, Inc.
    Michel Prud'Homme, International Fertilizer Industry Association
    Michael Rahm, The Mosaic Company
    Brenda Rose, International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)
    Kim Ross, NorFalco Sales Inc.
    Van Rucker, Intrepid Potash, Inc.
    Linda Shepherd, GROWMARK, Inc.
    Scott Simpson, -
    Joseph Slater, University of Missouri-Columbia
    Gerry Tarbet, Fertecon Limited
    Ken Taylor, Intrepid Potash, Inc.
    Graham Utter, GROWMARK, Inc.
    Vidmantas Vareika, ArrMaz
    Juan von Gernet, CRU International Ltd. (Fertilizers)
    Shelley Weathers, UKT Chicago, Inc.
    Wayne Welter, Simplot
    William Wolf, The Andersons, Inc.
    Yao Yao, PotashCorp
    Steve Musser, Beneficial Reuse/Gypsoil

    Product Quality and Technology

    Tier 4
    Manages TFI engagement with AAPFCO and coordinates other fertilizer standard setting efforts.
    Pat Johnson, Loveland Products
    Vice Chair: 
    Brian White, CF Industries
    TFI Contact: 
    Wade Foster

    Manages TFI engagement with AAPFCO and coordinates other fertilizer standard setting efforts.

    Current Members:

    Debe Allen, PotashCorp
    Aaron Apostolico, The Mosaic Company
    David Benefield, Frit Industries, Inc.
    Steve Bohan, Koch Fertilizer LLC
    Fred Carney, Koch Fertilizer LLC
    Bob Cashdollar, Quad Chemical Corporation
    Kerry Cooner, Agrium Inc.
    Bette Jo Evans, The Mosaic Company
    Marc Gilbertson, CVR Partners, LP
    William Hall, The Mosaic Company
    William Hill, Compass Minerals
    Michael Hojjatie, Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc.
    Klaas Hutter, Shell International Petroleum Company Limited
    Barbara James, PotashCorp
    Jim Jenkins, Agrium Inc.
    Don Jernstrom, The Mosaic Company
    Tim Jestness, PCS Phosphate
    Pat Johnson, Crop Production Services
    Eric Johnson, Chemical Dynamics, Inc.
    Drew Lemcke, Nachurs Alpine Solutions Corp.
    Julie Mills, Helena Chemical Company
    Deena Newell, Everris NA Inc.
    Dan Pannell, Compass Minerals
    John Peterson, Wilbur-Ellis Company
    Elisabeth Price, Yara North America, Inc.
    Mary Provance-Bowley, Harsco Minerals
    Craig Robinson, FBSciences, Inc.
    Hugh Rodrigues, Thornton Laboratories Testing & Inspection Services, Inc.
    Aaron Romito, Helena Chemical Company
    James Samuelson, Simplot
    Scott Schertz, Schertz Aerial Service, Inc.
    Sanford Siegel, CF Industries, Inc.
    Lyndon Smith, Bio Huma Netics, Inc.
    Brian Spencer, CF Industries, Inc.
    Lisa Strong, Simplot
    Donald Thomas, CF Industries, Inc.
    Mark Trostle, Agrium Inc.
    Michael Twining, Willard Agri Service of Lynch
    Lucia Villavicencio, ICL/Everris
    Brian White, CF Industries, Inc.
    Debbie Ziehr, The Andersons, Inc.

    Environment Health, Safety and Security

    Tier 4
    Coordinates TFI advocacy on environment, health, safety and security issues.
    David Jellerson, Mosaic
    Vice Chair: 
    Debe Allen, PotashCorp
    TFI Contact: 
    Wade Foster & Justin Louchheim

    Coordinates TFI advocacy on environment, health, safety and security issues.

    Current Members:

    Debe Allen, PotashCorp
    Rose Ayers, Agribusiness Association of Iowa
    Ted Baker , PotashCorp
    Steve Beckel , PotashCorp
    Craig Boudle, Apache Nitrogen Products, Inc.
    Michael Brom, PotashCorp
    Robert Brown, CALAMCO
    Barbara Cabot, Dyno Nobel Inc.
    Lorine Card, The Mosaic Company
    Bob Cashdollar, Quad Chemical Corporation
    Pietro Catizone, TRC Environmental Corporation
    Jennifer Cogswell, Koch Agronomic Services
    Kerry Cooner, Agrium Inc.
    Phil Crnkovich, Rentech Nitrogen
    Mike DeNeve, The Mosaic Company
    Paul Derig, Simplot
    Adam Diamond, Agrium U.S. Inc.
    Paul Duckworth, PotashCorp
    Alicia Duke, Simplot
    David Dunlap, Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC.
    Bill Easterwood, Yara North America, Inc.
    Lon Fields, CF Industries, Inc.
    Larry Fitzwater, El Dorado Chemical Company
    John Foster, CF Industries, Inc.
    Ken Fry, Willard Agri Service of Lynch
    Judith George, PCS Administration (USA), Inc.
    Marc Gilbertson, CVR Partners, LP
    Mark Gleason, Wilbur-Ellis Company
    Greg Groves, Crop Production Services
    Jeff Grussing, Agrium Inc.
    William Hall, The Mosaic Company
    Ted Hartman, Agrium
    Steve Hess, Agrium U.S. Inc.
    John Hewson, PotashCorp
    Noel Hsu, Orica USA Inc.
    Clint Humpherys, Agrium Inc.
    Diana Jagiella, The Mosaic Company
    David Jellerson, The Mosaic Company
    Jim Jenkins, Agrium Inc.
    Tim Jestness, PCS Phosphate
    Mark Kaplan, The Mosaic Company
    Todd Kenny, The Mosaic Company
    Roger King, Yara North America, Inc.
    Lisa Lannon, The Mosaic Company
    Bill Marshall, Koch Fertilizer LLC
    Maite Martinez, SQM S.A. Chile
    J. Wayne Maxie, Agrium U.S. Inc.
    Pat McCullough, Koch Fertilizer LLC
    Mark McDonald, Intrepid Potash, Inc.
    Alicia Meads, CF Industries, Inc.
    Bethany Niec, The Mosaic Company
    Stan Norlander, Agrium Inc.
    Elizabeth Paredes, CF Industries, Inc.
    Janelle Pepe, CF Industries, Inc.
    J. Billy Pirkle, Agrium Retail
    Alan Prouty, Simplot
    Josh Regan, Agrium Inc.
    Aisha Reynolds, Compass Minerals
    Leon Roegiest, CF Industries, Inc.
    Kelvin Roth, CF Industries, Inc.
    Bret Rowe, Simplot
    Van Rucker, Intrepid Potash, Inc.
    Melody Russo, Nutra-Flo Company
    Chuck Schwede, CHS Inc.
    Bill Shelton, The Mosaic Company
    Don Smith, Yara North America, Inc.
    Lyndon Smith, Bio Huma Netics, Inc.
    Ross Smith, PotashCorp
    Sarah Sorenson, The Mosaic Company
    Roger Stacy, Agrium Inc.
    Alex Stege, CF Industries, Inc.
    Jessica Theriault, The Mosaic Company
    Donald Thomas, CF Industries, Inc.
    Shelley Thornton, The Mosaic Company
    Patrick van der Voorn, The Mosaic Company
    Debbie Waters, The Mosaic Company