The 2012 Summary of State Fertilizer Laws, prepared by TFI, provides information and allows readers to easily compare differences between the major provisions of each state’s fertilizer laws. The information provided in the summary includes product registration, licensing, inspection/tonnage fees, sales tax, tonnage reporting, quality control, industry statistics and additional topics such as lawn/turf fertilizer laws and non-nutritive metals standard. The Summary contains multiple tables of the major provisions which allow the reader to easily identify and compare laws across states. When the law is more nuanced, the “Special Provisions” section provides additional details and web links to access the full text of a state’s fertilizer law.  Additionally, the Summary contains contact information for state control officials that administer the fertilizer laws as well as the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO) standards and Uniform Fertilizer Bill.

The 2012 Summary of State Fertilizer Laws is available for free to TFI members. Nonmembers may purchase the Summary in electronic or hardcopy format for $50 by downloading this order form.