More about State of the industry report

How we did it.

In an effort to be out in front of issues that impact the fertilizer industry, TFI initiated development of a State of the Industry report in 2015. This report is a mechanism for gathering data on the social, economic, and environmental impacts of members within the fertilizer industry. The aggregated data summarized in the annual reports is then used to support TFI’s various advocacy and outreach programs. 

Metric Development:
TFI contracted Environmental Resources Management (ERM) to facilitate development and identification of metrics to include in the report, define the metrics, and establish rules for reporting to the various metrics. ERM maintains third-party confidentiality while collecting, reviewing, and aggregating the data collected from participating companies. 

Participation in the report is voluntary, meaning the fertilizer companies participating in this report volunteer their time to provide data to as many of the metrics as they have data available. 

The State of the Industry Report includes data provided by TFI member companies surrounding the fertilizer industry in the United States. Meaning, fertilizers manufactured in the United States and imported into the United States. This report represents the entire U.S. value chain of the fertilizer industry from fertilizer manufacturing sites, crop nutrient wholesalers, agricultural retail facilities, and the transport of fertilizer materials throughout the value chain in the United States.

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More about State of the industry report