2009/10 Top 5 countries for U.S. Imports and Exports of Fertilizer Primary Nutrients

Imports: Trinidad and Canada make up nearly 70 percent of all the U.S. imports of nitrogen.  Fortunately, one of the largest natural supplies of Potash is just north of the United States. Canada supplies over 90 percent of all U.S. imports of Potash.

Exports: India, Canada, and Brazil are the top three recipients of U.S. exports of nitrogen and phosphate.

Nitrogen Imports and Exports




Potash (K20) Imports and Exports


Phosphate (P205) Imports and Exports


U.S. Fertilizer Trade Bar Graph

The United States is a net importer of nitrogen and potash, and a net exporter of phosphate fertilizers. Some of the nitrogen imported is used to produce ammonia phosphates which in turn are then consumed in the United States or exported (counted as both nitrogen and phosphate exports).