2014 4R Advocate Winner Spotlight: Wortman Jackson, LLC and Crop Production Services


April 9, 2014

Clint Wortman, a 2014 4R Advocate, operates Jackson Wortman, LLC in Quitman, Ga.  The 3,500-acre cattle and crop farm consists of  irrigated and non-irrigated production land growing silage corn, cotton, peanuts, soybeans, rye, ryegrass, Bermudagrass, pecans and triticale. Wortman was nominated by A.J. Radford of Crop Production Services. Wortman’s overall cropping systems goals are to maximize asset utilization and spread risks through diversification, and maximize yields with minimum fertilizer and chemical input by reducing pests, weeds and disease through crop rotation and other environmentally sound practices.

Nutrient tracking and soil analysis are a key component of Wortman’s nutrient stewardship strategies. The operation analyzes grid sample fields in two-acre blocks to determine lime and fertilizer needs, and develops nutrient recommendations based on yield goals and soil fertility. To reduce over-application, Clint uses variable rate applications of lime, phosphorous and potassium. For corn, Clint applies differing nitrogen blends followed by three subsequent applications through irrigation. This helps reduce leaching and volatilization while increasing overall nutrient efficiency.

Jackson Wortman’s exceptional use of fertilizer best management practices is improving their nutrient use efficiency. By moving to a split nitrogen application in their corn crop, they reduced nitrogen usage by 20 percent. By using variable rate application of phosphorous and potash, they’ve reduced fertilizer use by 10 to 15 percent. Finally, through variable rate application of lime, Wortman has achieved up to 30 percent reduction of lime use.  Wortman’s nutrient stewardship practices provide an outstanding example of how careful nutrient management can protect the environment while also enhancing profitability. We’d like to thank Jackson Wortman and Crop Production Services for their commitment to responsible nutrient stewardship.