Celebrating Ag Day


March 8, 2012

Today is National Ag Day, and hopefully all U.S. citizens will take a second to be thankful for the abundant and safe food supply we have in America. The year round variety of food in our grocery stores is amazing and the production and logistics necessary to make it happen is a modern wonder made possible by dedicated farmers, input suppliers and transportation experts.

Fertilizer plays a valuable role in food production. In fact, fifty percent of the world’s food supply is tied to the use of fertilizers. Dedicated men and women in the fertilizer industry are working every day to supply the fertilizer inputs necessary for crop production.  

With seven billion people to feed and 80 thousand new children being born every day, the world population is anticipated to grow to nine billion by 2050.  For agriculture to produce the food required to feed that population, and to do so in an economic, environmentally and socially acceptable manner, every day has to be Ag Day.

TFI, along with the Nutrients for Life Foundation, is celebrating Ag Day by going about our daily activities and supporting our missions that seek to represent the fertilizer industry and educate students about how food is produced:

  • Our Foundation staff is participating in readings about agriculture at local elementary schools; 
  • TFI Vice President of Public Affairs Kathy Mathers is attending the World Food Policy Conference in Rabat, Morocco;
  • TFI Manager of Economic Services Melinda Giesler is attending the International Fertilizer Industry Association/Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations fertilizer statistics meeting in Brussels, Belgium;
  • TFI, along with the Agricultural Retailers Association, the Canadian Fertilizer Institute, the International Plant Nutrition Institute and the Certified Crop Advisors, is conducting the second Nutrient Stewardship Summit in Denver, Colo., this week.  The event is being held to bring together agricultural stakeholders in an effort to expand awareness and adoption of 4R nutrient stewardship.

We join the entire food production and delivery system in celebrating Ag Day and the idea that everyday should be Ag Day.