Statement on the Hypoxic Zone in the Gulf of Mexico


August 3, 2017

The fertilizer industry shares the public’s concern with the health of the Gulf of Mexico. Farmers’ use of fertilizers is more efficient than it has ever been in history. Corn alone accounts for half of total U.S. fertilizer use, and when compared to 1980, U.S. farmers have more than doubled corn production. They also use 45 percent less nitrogen and 59 percent less phosphate to grow one bushel of corn than they did in 1980. We are committed to making sure that these efficiencies continue to grow.

This work can’t be done in isolation, so we partner with NGOs such as The Nature Conservancy, and government agencies such as the U.S. and state Departments of Agriculture to promote sustainable farming with 4R Nutrient Stewardship (use of the right source of fertilizer at the right rate, the right time and in the right place).

We support scientific research, which is essential to giving farmers the information and tools necessary to ensure that our products contribute to crop growth and soil health. The fertilizer industry does more than talk about research. We are responsible for $11 million in funding ($5.5 million matched on a dollar-for-dollar basis) for research projects, including in several states whose waters flow into the Mississippi River.

Still, more research is needed and we call on Congress to ensure that the government continues to fully fund science to ensure that U.S. farmers have the information they need to continue an upward trajectory of efficiency.