Perspective on Regulations Impacting U.S. Fertilizer Retailers


September 21, 2011

Much policy discussion today centers on regulatory overreach and the economic impact of such action and we have even seen the current Administration roll back implementation of some major environmental rules – presumably due to their impact on the economic well-being of the regulated entity.

The need for such action really hit home for TFI recently when several members of The Fertilizer Institute’s staff traveled to Tennessee and Kentucky to take part in a week-long tour of agricultural retail facilities. The tour was organized by the Asmark Institute, a national resource center that serves agribusinesses by providing extensive information and tools that assist them with regulatory compliance. Our takeaway: it’s impossible to avoid noting the complexity and diversity of the many regulations that apply to agricultural retail operations. In fact, the Asmark Institute has identified over 400 items - from air compressors to unattended storage tanks, anhydrous ammonia training to spill prevention, control and countermeasure plans - that require attention from the manager of an agriculture retail facility.

We certainly hope that whatever action the federal government takes in the current budget environment, that the powers that be look closely at the complex web of regulations that impact small businesses such as the agricultural retailer.