Is there a "Green Gap?"


September 20, 2011

Being on the earth’s bandwagon isn’t a bad thing and here in the Nation’s capitol and the surrounding wealthy suburbs it’s not difficult to find an eco-label on most any food or household item.  From sustainable detergents to organic cheerios and organic cotton sheets, the market is flooded with eco-products. Someone at Nielsen research took note and decided to ask consumers what they are willing to pay for these products.

While the majority  - 83% - of consumers around the world say it’s important that companies implement programs to improve the environment, only 22 % say that they will pay more for an eco-friendly product. According to the survey, environmentally sustainable products still need to perform better than their competitors. 

It is interesting to note that energy efficient products or appliances and products in recyclable packaging ranked highest with locally made and fair trade products ranking at the lower end of the scale.