We share the public's concern


April 25, 2013
The fertilizer industry shares America's sympathy for the people of West, Texas. The stories of lives lost, lives uprooted and a community that has been devastated are heartbreaking.

We share the public's concern. We want our employees, customers and neighbors to be safe. Because no one knows yet the cause of the blast, it is too early to decide what the right solution is. The Chemical Safety Board has an excellent reputation for its ability to analyze evidence from catastrophic incidents such as the one in West and determine probable cause.

We have offered our assistance to the board and will fully cooperate as its officials conduct their investigation. If there are lessons to be learned from the board's findings, we stand ready to take whatever steps necessary to ensure the continued safe operation of retail facilities across the country.

The retail fertilizer dealer plays an integral role in the nation's food production system. These businesses fuel the economies of local communities and supply the services and tools that farmers need.

In addition to selling fertilizers, retail dealers play an integral role in providing farmers with the technical expertise necessary to grow abundant crops and protect the environment. The crop consultants who perform this function for retailers work with farmers to develop the best, site-specific nutrient "recipe" for their fields. This system is centered on the use of the right fertilizer product at the right rate, the right time and in the right place.
While essential to feeding the world, some of the products handled by retailers require special care and handling. It is up to each retailer to work with local, state and federal regulators to ensure the safety of the community in which his or her business functions. With this in mind, we are committed to listening and learning about new ways that we can better be stewards of the neighborhoods in which we operate.