Friday, October 13, 2023


We are the men and women who work in the U.S. fertilizer industry – and we are 89,000 proud. Whether engineers at large-scale fertilizer producers, wholesale workers who store fertilizer until farmers need it or family-owned retailers who work with farmers, we do our jobs with pride. 

The food to feed our growing global population depends on a steady supply of fertilizer nutrients before it is harvested. Our highest priority is to ensure that natural resource stewardship, community safety and responsible agricultural practices are part of the equation. 

This year, our theme is #madepossiblebyfertilizer. We know that every part of our lives touches fertilizer in some way, from family dinners to munching on popcorn at the movie theater. Let's celebrate the way that the fertilizer industry positively impacts all of our lives.

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Celebrating Agriculture

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Did You Know?


Fertilizer significantly increases the amount of food that can be safely grown per acre and experts say this allows two out of five people around the world to have access to a reliable food supply.

When compared to the Department of Labor’s data for similar companies in wholesale, mining, and manufacturing, the fertilizer industry had 1.6x fewer work-related injuries.*

Through the industry’s support for 4R Nutrient Stewardship, farmers are achieving higher yields, lower input costs, and reductions in nutrient losses to the environment.

U.S. fertilizer companies employ close to 487,330 people, and the fertilizer industry contributes $130.85 billion to the U.S. economy.**

The Fertilizer Industry is committed to natural resource conservation. In 2021, TFI members recycled enough water to fill 1.6M olympic-sized swimming pools.*

U.S. farmers have more than doubled corn production using just 6.9% more fertilizer than they used in 1980.

*The Fertilizer Institute’s 2022 Sustainability report. 
**The Fertilizer Institute's Economic Impact report.




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This Global Fertilizer Day, The Fertilizer Institute is helping tell the story of how America's farmers use fertilizer to feed the world. Learn more:

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Join me in celebrating America's farmers. We are proud to serve you!

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I'm celebrating Global Fertilizer Day on October 13! Hats off to America's farmers for using #fertilizer to feed the world sustainably. #FertilizerDay

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Celebrate Global Fertilizer Day by thanking America's farmers. 24/7, 365 - we are proud to serve you! #FertilizerDay

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Fertilizer feeds the world! Today I’m celebrating #FertilizerDay and fertilizer’s role in creating a sustainable global food supply.

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It’s #FertilizerDay! Did you know that fertilizers account for 50% of global food production?

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