Safety & Security


Safety and security is of the utmost importance through all stages of production, transportation and handling. In fact, fertilizer manufacturers, transporters and retailers often exceed national and international safety standards.

To maintain this record, TFI continuously works to develop rigorous safety standards. We also engage with numerous councils and organizations to make sure the fertilizer industry has a hand in shaping the development of security policies.

TFI is also an accepted authority on fertilizer security, advising the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the broader chemical industry on sector-wide actions aimed at improving physical security across nearly all aspects of handling and storage of fertilizer.

Ultimately, the safety and security of fertilizer is a public health issue, and by promoting collaboration and sharing of best practices, TFI helps protect the safety and health of workers and communities.


Standard practices to minimize the risks of storage and transportation

An industry-supported non-profit initiative to promote federal regulatory compliance

Protection through strict anti-terrorism measures

Keeping workers who handle ammonium nitrate and communities safe and secure