Energy & Environment


Fertilizer, as an indispensable part of agriculture, is closely tied to the land and the surrounding water resources. With this relationship comes a natural responsibility to offer the necessary benefits to society while lessening any adverse effects to the planet.

TFI and the entire fertilizer industry is committed to being more efficient and protective of our natural resources, accomplishing this in several ways:

  • Through the minimization of nutrient loss into surrounding water sources through the formulation of comprehensive stewardship guidelines to manage fertilizer use in the field
  • Consistent monitoring of all production processes to control air emissions, conserve water usage and preserve water quality.
  • Ensuring that retail facilities are designed to avoid spills or other product losses in all areas of the building and that workers are properly trained in handling fertilizers and the blending equipment as well as spill mitigation and cleanup procedures.
  • Working with the communities in which producers and retailers operate, including local law enforcement and emergency response agencies, to support preparedness and safeguard citizens.


Lowering emissions and improving air quality

Cleaner rivers, streams, lakes and aquifers

Addressing climate change through smart energy use

Protecting neighboring cities and towns