Certified Biostimulant Program

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If you are interested in learning more about the certification program or would like to request a copy of the application, please contact Bethany Murphy at [email protected].


Certified Biostimulant is based on the United States Biostimulant Industry Guidelines, which provides criteria for the proper documentation of evidence to support efficacy testing methods, composition, and safety. The program provides several benefits for manufacturers, ag retailers, and growers. Companies with approved products will be provided a label to utilize on their plant biostimulant, which can be helpful for consumer branding and ag retailers’ confidence.

The Benefits of Being Certified

Certification is a value-add for everyone

Demonstrates conformance with fair and equitable voluntary standards to show products meet efficacy, composition, and safety attributes.

Enables ag retailers to assess products more confidently for shelf space, assists in the selection of products for investing in further independent field trials, and ultimately grower recommendations.

Allows farmers to make informed decisions based on a recognized industry program.

How to Get Certified

The Certified Biostimulant is aligned with requirements found in United States Biostimulant Industry Recommended Guidelines to Support Efficacy, Composition, and Safety of Plant Biostimulant Products.


Completion of application including proof of conformance and payment


Conformance review by independent experts


Certification Award

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As a TFI member, you’ll get support as you advance in:

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Improve your bottom line with critical market intelligence to help you remain competitive.

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TFI champions the industry, shapes policy, and delivers resources that help you navigate the regulatory environment.

Certified Biostimulant FAQs

Answers to some of the most-asked questions