The 4R Advocate Program

The 4R Advocate Program has recognized agricultural producers and retailers, 116 farmers and agricultural retailers who manage over 283,000 acres in 25 states. These forward-thinking individuals champion sound nutrient stewardship to their fellow growers, policymakers and the media.

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The 4R Advocate Program began in 2012 with the goal of elevating the importance of 4R Nutrient Stewardship. Since its inception the program has recognized 116 farmers and agricultural retailers who manage over 283,000 acres in 25 states.

Program Objectives:
Recognition – The 4R Advocate Program is an award program that recognizes farmers and their retail advisors for implementing an exemplary 4R Nutrient Stewardship strategy.

Advocacy – 4R Farmers serve as advocates in Washington, D.C., sharing their farm story and data from their ROI case studies. These activities include but are not limited to speaking engagements, interviews, and meetings with legislators.

Research – All 4R advocates commit to sharing their farm data with TFI researchers. Using 4R research tools, each winner’s economic and environmental impact are measured and quantified. This data becomes the foundation for their advocacy work on Capitol Hill and with the federal agencies.

Media & Public Relations – Farmers are best positioned to tell the positive story of fertilizer use efficiency and nutrient stewardship efforts that the industry promotes. This is fundamental to protecting the industry’s license to operate and farmers’ access to important crop nutrients. Each farmer story is prepared in print, social media content, and other media assets to share broadly with press, environmental groups, and the general public.

Farmer 4R Adoption – Farmers trust farmers! Research has shown that the best way to increase adoption and nutrient stewardship practice is showcasing farmer success. The advocates are used in presentations, trade show booths at farm shows, and farm publications to help increase adoption of the 4Rs by other farmers.

The Timeline for 4R Advocate Nominations has changed.

The new calendar is below:
Jan. 15, 2024 – Application period opens
April 2024 – Score & Review Applications
April 2024 – Phone interviews with top scoring applicants
May 1, 2024 – Notification of winners
November, 2024 – Washington, D.C. Fly-In

What are the 4Rs?

By controlling fertilizer source, application rate, timing and placement, farmers can be profitable and protect the environment.

Selecting the right source involves evaluating and responding to a number of factors including soil physical and chemical properties, blend compatibility and the availability of on-farm sources of nutrients

Involves assessing plant nutrient demand, soil nutrient supply including the availability of nutrients in manure, composts, crop residues and more.

Includes assessing timing of plant nutrient uptake as well as the dynamics of soil nutrient supply.

Positioning needed nutrient supplies strategically, so that plants develop properly and achieve their yield potential.

Two out of every five people on Earth today owe their lives to the higher crop outputs that fertilizer has made possible.

Bill Gates