TFI is committed to maintaining the highest standards for safety, giving any company that stores or handles fertilizer the tools they need to meet or exceed all federal regulations.


ResponsibleAg is an independent, not-for-profit organization designed to support fertilizer retailers’ compliance with federal safety and environmental regulations with the ultimate goal of making the entire industry safer for workers and the general public.

Under ResponsibleAg, fertilizer retailers will have access to comprehensive assessments performed by trained auditors with extensive knowledge of federal regulations.

These assessments include thorough inspections pertaining to fertilizer storage and handling of all fertilizer products with an emphasis on ammonium nitrate (AN) and anhydrous ammonia (NH3). Assessments of each facility occurs every three years, and to ensure a high level of reliability, a statistically valid sample of all facilities will receive random verification from an independent auditor annually.

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ResponsibleAg – Program Overview