Our Position

TFI supports and promotes 4R nutrient stewardship (applying the right fertilizer source at the right rate in the right place at the right time) as a sustainable solution to lessening any environmental impact and improving our nation’s water quality.


The Policy

Nutrient application is a sensitive task. Too little and the soil can’t sustain healthy crops; overuse or incorrect use of nutrients can negatively affect the environment and the farmer’s operating costs.

The fertilizer industry recognizes the need to improve the efficiency and, therefore, the sustainability of the entire agricultural system. To encourage the widespread adoption of fertilizer best practices, TFI is leading an effort to provide outreach and education to implement nutrient stewardship.

4R nutrient stewardship provides directives aimed at increasing production and farmer profitability while protecting the environment. The four “rights” are designed to work in conjunction to provide sustainable plant nutrition management. Visit to learn more.