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Getting nutrients to any of the thousands of farms scattered across the globe is an enormous challenge, but one the fertilizer industry has worked hard to solve.

The journey begins with the extraction of the raw materials—ammonia via natural gas, phosphate rock and potash from the earth—in several countries all over the world. Those materials are transported via a global network to storage terminals, retailers and ultimately farmers. The final product then has to be dispersed over the fields where they are needed. 

The complexity of this network necessitates the use of many different modes of transportation including ocean tankers, river barges, railroads and trucks, each with their own set of regulations and guidelines. TFI supports surface transportation policies which ensure the safety and efficiency of fertilizer deliveries at all points between manufacturers and farmers.


Timely shipments require safe roads, tunnels and bridges

Working with the rail industry to ensure efficient delivery

Transporting via oceans, rivers, ports and harbors