How to Promote a 4R Advocate

9 Ways to Promote Your 4R Advocate

When someone from your company receives the 4R Advocate award, it creates many opportunities to promote the work they are doing for your company along with the importance of 4R Nutrient Stewardship. Here are some of the top ways to promote your 4R Advocate:

  1. Include the Advocates in any relevant marketing campaigns, such as promoting your branded agronomy programs or similar activities, product lines, and/or services.
  2. Issue a press release. TFI issues a press release during Commodity Classic announcing that year’s 4R Advocates. Please work with us to coordinate announcements so we can get the most press coverage as possible. Capitalize on any existing media relationships or partnerships that feature your Advocate in the agriculture trade press.
  3. Share on social media (see the Social Media Guide for tips). Make sure to engage with TFI on social media throughout the year as we continually promote our Advocates all year.
  4. Write a blog post on your company’s blog.
  5. Include an article in your company’s employee/member/ stakeholder newsletter.
  6. This also helps educate other employees about the 4Rs.
  7. Professional photos of your advocates at work or in the field helps promote the work they are doing. Share with TFI and we can cross promote your photos.
  8. Invite your Advocate to speak or be featured at meetings, field days, or other events about their work in the 4Rs.
  9. Commodity Classic participation: Feature your advocate in your booth. Have a company representative attend the TFI 4R Advocate banquet. Showcase in your booth if you are a 4R partner.

Most importantly of all, please share any communications about your Advocates with the TFI team. We want to cross promote your activities!

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