Advocacy Toolkit

Welcome to TFI’s Advocacy Toolbox. The guides found below are provided to help first time advocates become familiar and comfortable with engaging in advocacy activities, as well as to serve as reminders and refreshers to seasoned advocates.

If you have any questions or comments about TFI’s Advocacy Toolbox or engaging in advocacy efforts around fertilizer, please contact TFI’s Vice President of Public Affairs, Christopher Glen at [email protected] or (202) 515-2719.

What is Advocacy? – a quick read on what advocacy is, why advocacy is important and how to make a positive impact with your elected officials

Making Effective Phone Calls – a handful of tips to help get your message across when calling your members of Congress

Writing Effective Emails – a brief guide on how to make your email stand out

Writing Persuasive Letters – 8 quick tips on changing people’s minds through the written word

Conducting a Successful Office Meeting – a comprehensive guide on scheduling, prepping and conducting an engaging and informative meeting with your member of Congress

Hosting a Facility Visit and Tour – a step-by-step guide to bringing an elected official to your fertilizer facility and having a visit and tour he or she will not forget

Working with Legislative Staff – a brief primer on how to best deal with legislative staff to advance your policy issues

Writing Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor – a rundown of why the press is so important to influencing public opinions and how to navigate the process of drafting and submitting an opinion piece

Attending Town Hall Meetings – town hall meetings don’t happen as often as they used to, but they can still be effective ways to engage with your members of Congress, especially if you follow this guide

Making a Difference in 5 Minutes or Less – being busy doesn’t mean you can’t be an effective advocate for fertilizer. Read this guide on how to make a positive impact on policies that affect you in just a few short minutes.