TFI Insights – March

March Insights


Fertilizer Markets, Supply and Demand

A summary of highlights from a recent presentation delivered by TFI market intelligence experts

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Trade, Markets, and Competitiveness: Federal Agencies and Import Injury Investigations

The global market for manufactured goods is interconnected and heavily relies on fair trade including compliance with laws and agreements by both exporters and importers. Laws and agreements exist to protect U.S. businesses from unfair competition within the United States, resulting from unfair pricing by foreign companies and unfair subsidies to foreign companies by their governments … more

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TFI Member Spotlight

Taylor Pursell, Chairman at Pursell Agri-Tech, LLC

“First as Pursell Industries and today as Pursell Agri-Tech, our relationship with TFI goes back more than 50 years. In that time, as the industry has grown and evolved so has TFI. Our industry has benefited by having a unified voice under the TFI umbrella. Speaking from a strict operations standpoint, TFI’s industry roundtable has made it easy for Pursell’s technical staff to interact with their peers to discuss new technologies and processes. This meeting, along with all TFI events and programs, has been a great value to Pursell.”