Ag Retail Leader and Sustainability Advocates Headline InfoAg Conference in St. Louis

Arlington, VA – InfoAg, the leading conference and expo in precision agriculture since 1995 for the agriculture retail community, will this year be headlined with a keynote from GreenPoint Ag President and CEO Jeff Blair and a robust panel discussion on sustainability and stewardship with growers Tom Connors and David Myerholtz moderated by AGI Farmobile Vice President of Data Services Steve Cubbage.

“We are extremely excited to have Jeff Blair as our keynote speaker at this year’s InfoAg Conference in St. Louis,” said The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) President & CEO Corey Rosenbusch, whose organization holds the event. “Jeff is well-known and well-respected among his industry peers. Jeff is passionate in elevating the agriculture industry while driving the development of GreenPoint through steadfast customer engagement, performance improvement and operational excellence.”

During his keynote, Jeff will share his vision for the future of agriculture and ag retail, including the value of advancing sustainability, crop science innovations in soil sampling, variable-rate fertilizer application, effectively applied crop protection products, and empowering farmers and growers.

The following day’s general session luncheon, titled Profitable Practices, Sustainable Solutions and sponsored by AGI Farmobile, will key in on real-life examples of how sustainability and profitability can go hand-in-hand and provide attendees insight into the tools and innovations utilized by a set of growers and how they achieved maximum efficiency and profitability while being environmentally sustainable, including 4R Nutrient Stewardship practices.

“The credibility of the industry’s collective work around 4R, sustainability, regenerative ag, and carbon programs hinge on the integrity of the data used to document practices and measure progress so participants can be rewarded for their efforts,” says Bradford Warner, AGI vice president of sustainability for Farmobile. “That is AGI’s focus. We seek to help ag retailers and their growers capture, maintain and control high-quality, standardized data sets to foster these new markets and benefit their own operations.” During the event, AGI will roll-out a new100k-acre pilot collaboration with TFI and ag retailers to advance the use of the 4R calculator.

“The world’s population is set to reach 8 billion people by this November and 10 billion people by 2050,” Rosenbusch elaborated. “So how is the agriculture industry positioning itself to feed this future? How can we increase land use efficiency while protecting the farmer’s bottom line? These are the questions we are helping to answer through InfoAg and dynamic speakers like Jeff, Tom, David and Steve.”

The InfoAg Conference and Expo addresses the challenges of the ag retail agronomist through the lens of precision ag, environmental stewardship, sustainability, and product innovation. The conference features opportunities for crop consultants, agronomists, and other agricultural retail employees to learn more about innovative practices and new products and technologies that can be put into action with their grower customers. The conference also offers unique opportunities to share information and stories among industry peers.

“The information obtained through education sessions and on-site networking is extremely valuable to advancing shared goals of sustainability,” concluded Rosenbusch. “The final piece to this is the tradeshow aspect of the conference, where you can hear firsthand about the products, practices, and services being talked about among farmers across the country.”

InfoAg is being held in St. Louis, MO on July 26 and 27. Information about the conference and registration can be found by clicking here.


About GreenPoint Ag:

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