TFI Urges Congressional Action to Avert Nationwide Rail Stoppage

Arlington, VA – The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) yesterday sent a letter to Congressional leadership urging congressional action to prevent a Sept. 16th shutdown of freight rail operations in the United States. The potential shutdown comes as rail carriers and labor unions continue negotiations on a contract agreement.

“A disruption to freight rail operations would be catastrophic,” said TFI President and CEO Corey Rosenbusch. “Over half of all fertilizer moves by rail year-round throughout the United States and the timeliness and reliability of fertilizer shipments is absolutely critical. If farmers do not receive fertilizer, it results in lower crop yields, higher food prices, and more inflation for consumers.”

The letter sent by TFI urges Congress to begin preparations to implement the Presidential Emergency Board (PEB) recommendations that fall in the middle of the carriers’ and unions’ contract proposals to avert a total stoppage.

“A speedy resolution is paramount,” concluded Rosenbusch. “With less than two weeks to go, carriers and shippers have already begun contingency planning and if no agreement is reached soon rail shipments will have to wind down days before Sept. 16 to allow carriers to carefully clear their networks. Fertilizer shippers and their farmer customers want carriers and their unions to reach a compromise, and if necessary, Congress needs to act to prevent a devastating halt to our nation’s supply chain.”