Favinger- Cooperative Producers Inc.

Grower: Bruce Favinger
Retailer: Ty Fickensher (Cooperative Producers, Inc. (CPI)
State: Nebraska

Bruce Favinger, Minden, Neb., 1,800-acre corn and soybean producer nominated by Cooperative Producers, Inc. (CPI), Nebraska. Ranking both stewardship and productivity as priority goals, Favinger takes advantage of enhanced fertilizers and correlates precision agriculture data to develop site-specific fertilizer prescriptions. Bruce works with CPI’s Ty Fickenscher to utilize emerging tools and technologies to maintain responsible and sustainable agriculture.

What Ty says about the 4Rs:

“The 4R Nutrient Stewardship Program promotes placing nutrients using the most efficient methods to maximize crop production while minimizing underutilized product and environmental impact. Growers implementing the 4Rs choose to be better stewards of the land by being critical of the inputs that are used and the methods that are used to apply them”.

What Bruce says about the 4Rs:

“The 4Rs program is a great commonsense approach to a complete fertilizer plan. It is the way we should all be looking at our fertilizer, and as an industry, agriculture needs to take a proactive approach to the environmental practices that we use and then tell consumers what we are doing and why it is good for a safe food production system”.