Paul Loyer & Morral Companies

Grower: Paul Loyer (Loyer Farms)
Retailer: Brandon McClure (Morral Companies)
State: Ohio

Paul Loyer, Loyer Farms, Marion, Ohio, 3,000-acre corn, soybean and wheat producer nominated by Morral Companies, Morral, Ohio. Specific placement of nutrients at rates determined by GPS-linked information helps the Loyer family boost fertilizer efficiency while protecting the environment. Paul and his sons work with Morral Companies’ Brandon McClure to increase farm profitability while remaining good stewards of the family’s land to maintain its value for future generations, and reduce the potential runoff of nutrients to no-target ares.

What Brandon says about the 4Rs:

“The 4R program is a great way for us to help people understand what we are doing to keep agriculture successful and safe. That’s true for those of us involved directly as well as for people who may reside near it and for all those who may not realize how they are affected by agriculture. Even though we understand that we are doing things in a safe and productive way, others may not. If we do not highlight what we are doing to keep agriculture safe and bountiful, the very population for whom we are producing healthier food and other products may very well limit where we can go in the future with agriculture”.

What Paul says about the 4Rs:

“The 4R program is something we had already been doing on our farm. It allows us to be a better steward of the land we intend to have provide for our families for generations to come. We believe that the implementation of these practices has not only allowed for us to better manage our nutrients, but be more profitable in doing so.”