2013 C

Grower: Alan Madison (Madison Farms)
Retailer: Mark Orr (Ag View FS)
State: Illinois

Alan Madison of Madison Farmsoperates a3,300-acre corn and soybean operation with 28 acres of CRP as filter strips and wildlife habitat areas. He works with Mark Orr (Ag View FS).

What Alan says about the 4Rs:

“In concept, a lot of producers are using the 4Rs because they make sense and provide an economical advantage. As an industry, we need to better tell our story to show consumers and other producers how it works. We are being the best nutrient stewards we can be while protecting the environment for future generations.”

What Mark says about the 4Rs:

“Our role is to partner with growers to establish best management practices. We are involved with On Farm Discovery projects that produce “Predictable Performers” relative to tweaking existing programs. A grower’s willingness to push the envelope is only tempered by our requirements to increase yield, do it profitably for the grower and have an environmentally neutral impact. This expands well beyond product-related decisions.”