2013 E

Grower: Justin Stoneman (Stoneman Farms)
Retailer: Steve Wendzel (Wilbur-Ellis)
State: Michigan

Justin Stoneman of Stoneman Farmsand his family operate a 3,200-acre fourth generation farm growing row crops and vegetables; 2012 crops included corn, soybeans, wheat, sugar beets and machine harvest cucumbers. He works with Steve Wendzel (Wilbur Ellis).

What Justin says about the 4Rs:

“Any program that advocates best-use agricultural practices is a step in the right direction. There is a lot of value to 4R practices. If producers would consider implementing the 4R’s into their current practices, they would find it beneficial to their long-term goals of sustainability and good stewardship of the land.”

What Steve says about the 4Rs:

“Stoneman Farms won a 4R award, not because they set out to strictly follow the 4Rs, but because the concept has always been their business philosophy for financial stability and environmental stewardship. Their use of manure and cover crops to enhance soil health are key focal areas. As the old saying goes, ‘Take care of the land and the land will take care of you.’”