2014 C

Grower: Chris von Holton
Retailer: Malcom Stambaugh (AgViewFS)
State: Illinois

Chris von Holton’s farming operation currently consists of1,025 acres in 75% corn and 25% soybeans. His retailer is Malcom Stambaugh with AgView FS.“I’m always evaluating new products and technology,” he says. “I adopt those that improve the overall efficiency of my farm. If you’re not trying to learn something, you’ll get into a rut.”

VonHolten is committed to innovation, while still practicing sound crop production techniques that are environmentally, economically and socially sound Malcolm Stambaugh of Ag View FS, also of Walnut, nominated VonHolten for the award. The retailer helps with the farm’s nutrient management program and provides a wide range of services to help producers grow crops more efficiently and profitably.

“Chris’ outlook about effective stewardship practices and the value associated with them has had a positive influence on our relationship with him,” says Malcom Stambaugh, local crop specialist with Ag View FS. “He’s earned recognition locally as a wise source of production practices that meet many of the criteria within the 4R program.”

Managing details helps ensure that yield keeps rising. VonHolten or an AgView FS staffer scouts fields weekly during growing season to identify weed, insect or disease issues. Pesticides are mixed at the local plant, which helps control possible contamination. VonHolten helps ensure the environment is protected, as well. Waterways and roadsides aren’t mowed until nesting season is over to protect wildlife. Last fall, he tested a cover crop mix on two locations to help absorb excess nutrients and prevent soil erosion.