2014 E

Grower: Clint Wortman (Jackson Wortman, LLC)
Retailer: A.J. Radford (CPS)
State: Georgia

Clint Wortman of Jackson Wortman, LLC operates a 3500-acre cattle and crop farm with irrigated and non‑irrigated production land growing silage corn, cotton, peanuts, soybeans, rye, ryegrass, Bermudagrass, pecans and triticale. His retailer is A.J. Radford of CPS. Watch video about farm operations and management.“This mix of crops and cattle fits our philosophy of achieving maximum yield with the least amount of fertilizer and chemicals by reducing pests, weeds and disease through crop rotation and environmentally responsible practices,” Clint says.

Clint was nominated by A.J. Radford who works with Crop Protection Services in Moultrie, GA. He and CPS have worked with the Wortmans for more than 10 years and provide multiple services to their operation.While yield across the farm is increasing annually, Radford notes that’s not the only goal.

“It’s not just a matter of increased yield. It’s a matter of increasing the bottom line by doing a better job utilizing what’s out there. Picking the right fertilizer gives the grower the opportunity to use what’s needed – at the right rate. Fields in South Georgia aren’t uniform, but the 4R approach helps you achieve a high-yielding, uniform crop,” he says.