2015 C

Grower: James Schoff
Retailer: Malcom Stambaugh (AgView FS)
State: Illinois

What James Says About the 4Rs:

“Over the last five years, we’ve incorporated yield data into our fertility recommendations. This allows us to fine-tune applications by using exact crop removal based on varying yields instead of using field averages like we did previously. With the 4R program, improved varieties and better agronomic practices, we’ve increased corn yield to 265 bushels per acre.”

What Malcom Says About the 4Rs:

“Using a stabilized anhydrous keeps ammonia in the ground until plants actually need it, so it doesn’t volatilize. Plus, James’ yields have gone up seven to 10 bushels per acre. We’re observing that foliar applications are working well so we’ll increase that practice to ensure nutrients go into the right place.”