2016 C

Grower: Ric Rodriguez
Retailer: Joe Bridges (JR Simplot Company)
State: Wyoming

What Ric Says About the 4Rs:

“We’ve been using a 4R-type program for years. With our sandy loam soil, it’s critical that we get the right amount of fertilizer put down at the right time. By conducting extensive soil tests, we have developed a nutrient zone or range we need for sugar beets and malt barley. We can get custom applications rates to get the kind of yields we need. About half our acres are under center pivots. We’ve been able to cut our watering rates and use less water. That all helps in our 4R program.”

What Joe Says About the 4Rs:

“Our area is unique to a lot of other cropping systems, based off our flood irrigation. We have enough readily available water, so guys have been slow to adopt some of the newer practices. 4R has helped us to bring about some of the newer technologies to be better stewards of the ground and more cost effective and still be as productive as we have been in the past. With Ric putting in center pivots, which provide more variability, he is seeing the benefits and advantages of being more conservative with fertilizer needs. It has become extremely beneficial to our area.”