2016 E

Grower: Darin Stolte
Retailer: Jimmie Daugherty (River Valley Coop)
State: Iowa

What Darin Says About the 4Rs:

“I’ve been using the 4Rs for some time. I’ve increased my yields by utilizing nutrients more efficiently. I’m able to reduce nutrient runoff by applying them when the crop is ready to uptake them. I also use split-applied nitrogen because I have many soil types and some cannot hold a large amount of nutrient at once. Using the 4Rs is like when you feed your cow herd. You don’t put all the feed out the same day. You feed them everyday. Producing a crop is no different. By using 4Rs, I hope to be a role model for area farmers to teach them that there are better ways to farm.”

What Jimmie Says About the 4Rs:

“We at River Valley like the 4Rs and what the concept provides growers. We’re dramatically increasing grower profitability and their efficiency in fertilizer use. We’re taking technology that’s available to apply the right fertilizer in the right application methods. With that and better corn hybrids, it’s better for the environment and better for the bottom line. We’re improving the sustainability and showing substantially better yields, sometimes 20 bushels better than the county average.”