2016 B

Grower: Thomas Connors
Retailer: Regan Wear (CHS Shipman)
State: Illinois

What Thomas Says About the 4Rs:

“I’ve used the 4Rs since the ‘90s. I look for ways to be proactive in my operation and to behave responsibly for the environment and social good. Increased efficiency creates the economics and profitability. As improvements have been made, the amount of nutrients leaving my fields is minimal to none. I’m proactive to stay ahead of regulations, be socially responsive to the public good and provide a sustainable operation that my family can farm for generations to come.”

What Regan Says About the 4Rs:

“Tom is very innovative and uses many tools to better manage his nutrient applications to maximize crop production, yet be environmentally and economically sound. It’s not about a one-year gain in profitability. He looks at the long-term picture. He looks at overall sustainability by taking care of his soils while being sensitive to nutrient loss. With tiled fields, he uses 4R Nutrient Stewardship Principles to protect the watershed. He takes extra precautions with nitrate leaching and subsurface drainage. He has kept tremendous records and works diligently with our CHS Yield Point Staff to put the data to work for decision making to contribute to his farm’s long-term sustainability.”