2016 A

Grower: Calvin Haile
Retailer: Lucas Householder (Southern States Cooperative)
State: Virginia

What Calvin Says About the 4Rs:

“With 4Rs, we put the fertilizer where we need it. We cannot afford to put down fertilizer where it will not be utilized by the crop in the field. Since we started grid sampling and variable rate applying fertilizer and lime, it’s easy to see I am saving money by not over-applying product. I can also see more even and consistent yields throughout my fields.”

What Lucas Says About the 4Rs:

“Calvin is a progressive grower who looks for ways to increase yield while increasing profitability and sustainability. The 4Rs and the practices used on his farm have increased yields while reducing fertilizer and lime applications. Applying the 4Rs to his operation has allowed Calvin to achieve better yields and accomplish economic goals by increasing his farm net income.”