Pedro Andrade-Sanchez

Pedro Andrade-Sanchez is an Associate Professor – Specialist in Precision Agriculture at The University of Arizona. He is affiliated with the Department of Biosystems Engineering and is stationed at The Maricopa Agricultural Center. Dr. Andrade-Sanchez earned his Ph.D in agricultural engineering from the University of California Davis in 2004 where his research focused on soil dynamics applied to tillage and sub-soil compaction. In 2006 he worked at the Center for Precision Agricultural Systems at Washington State University where he performed research in wireless sensor networks with applications to agriculture. Currently, Pedro leads an innovative research and extension program in precision agriculture focused on the implementation of information-intensive solutions engineered to increase efficiencies in crop production in farming systems of semi-arid lands. Dr. Andrade-Sanchez has performed extensive work in machine navigation systems, yield monitoring, variable-rate input application, electronic monitoring of ambient conditions, sensor-based characterization of crop development in various crops in Arizona. Other emphasis areas in his program include precision planting, on-the-go sensor-based weed detection, and soil respiration monitoring using low-cost electronics. Dr. Andrade-Sanchez has co-authored 30 peer-reviewed journal articles, 12 peer-reviewed extension bulletins; three book chapters.