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Regular Membership

Companies who are producers, retailers, wholesalers or importers of any fertilizers, fertilizer materials, industrial materials or feed-grade phosphates containing nitrogen, phosphate and/or potash, sulfur, secondary nutrients or micronutrients comprise TFI’s regular membership.

Membership dues for a regular member are determined by the volume in nutrient tons of a company's fertilizer, industrial and related material imports, production as well as wholesale and retail sales in the prior year.

Associate Membership

Foreign companies otherwise eligible for regular membership which do not have sales of fertilizer, fertilizer materials, industrial materials or feed-grade phosphates, within the United States, its territories or possessions fall within TFI’s associate membership category.

Companies and individuals concerned with providing services to the fertilizer industry, including but not limited to transportation providers, lending institutions, equipment dealers and engineering companies, are also eligible for associate membership.

No company which is eligible for regular membership or affiliated with a company eligible for such membership may be classified as an associate member.


For more information about our dues structure, please contact TFI’s Vice President, Member Services and Chief Administrative Office Kurt McMillan at [email protected].